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Career Innovations of America

An Initiative of Center for Global Diplomacy

                                   Workforce Development

Workforce development is a proactive approach you take to create the work and life you desire. It is much more than getting a job. It is a lifelong process of learning and growing. Career development enables you to make informed educational, occupational, and employment choices. It is an ongoing process that you embark on to ensure meaningful work throughout your life.

Using the Career Innovation of America’s career model of self-assessment, research and discovery, realistic goal setting, and performing, you can create the work and life you desire. You will learn Personal Career Branding, Job Search Techniques, Social and Online Networking, Application Processing and interviewing Skills. You will learn your Value and determine your Interest, Strengths, Personality Type, and Ambition. You will explore your Career, Educational, or Entrepreneur options.

• When you create your future you are in control of your life and work.

• When you know your value you gain confidence.

• When you plan your actions you can set reachable goals.

• When you explore your options you can make informed choices.

    Career Coaches are here to help! Call us today at 757-499-2300!

Workforce Partners...

Career Innovations of America

Creating Opportunities for Employment

Career Innovations of America an initiative of Center for Global Diplomacy builds individuals from their foundation to their future!

Training the Next Generation of

Business Leaders

CIOA trains the next generation of business leaders.

Community Resources

The START Skills, Tasks, and Results Training)programs offer flexible, inexpensive training and certification for in-demand hospitality positions. The program presents concise skills instruction that shows participants how to perform key tasks correctly and consistently, along with training in the soft skills needed to be successful in a hospitality career. It also provides instructors with training outlines and resources for presenting the material. Those who complete the training are prepared for the related certification exam (included).

START for Individual Positions are available in print and online versions. 


Certification through: WWW.AHLEI.ORG

Six key hospitality positions: Front Desk Representative, Guestroom Attendant, Restaurant Server, Maintenance Employee, and Kitchen Cook.

Online training (2-8 hours) or Classroom training (16-40 hours)

Certification exam (70% or higher), Line-level certification

(no time in position required),(Skills, Tasks, and Results Training)

Program and Certification Description

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