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Career Innovations of America- UAV Ground Pilot/Operator

We are now accepting applications for enrollment into our UAV Drone Pilot Certification Program Monday, February 6, 2017.There are only 20 students being accepted. Typically, for a comprehensive hybrid (theory and practice) drone program the average costs would be $8,000 per student. However, we have reduced the average costs to $7,500 per student. The beginners training section is designed to lead students to a promising career in drone aviation. Our professional team, after examining the course design believes this program can lead to an associate degree and/or four year undergraduate degree in Drones. CIOA has worked with drone experts to incorporate UAV course materials into a comprehensive career-building curriculum. Each student upon completion of our training program will be prepared for the FAA Certification Exam and an opportunity to continue their drone studies at an accredited post-secondary university. 

An Overview of our Ground Pilot / Operator Training Courses:

I. Orientation Training (16 Hours)

Intake Application Process (8 Hours)

- includes a completely filed application

- applicants screening for acceptance

- applicant acceptance (20 slots available)

Enrollment / Assessments (8 Hours)

- Career Developer Student Assignee

- Career Workbook Assignments

- Individual Development Assessments

II. Knowing the Basics About Drones Aviation (24 Hours)

Drone Introduction

- Drones 101: Drone Aviator Readiness Training

- Aerial Photography Basics - Includes Video Editing Tutorial

III. Part 107 FAA Drone Training for Certification Exam (40 hours)

Part 107 Drone Pilot Test Prep (8 Hours)

- includes online study material with practice exams (300+ question bank)

- students have email access to our Chief Pilot for any content questions after the course

- Printed and bound Study Guides to be used during and after the course

FAA Certification Examination (8 Hours)

- Prep Exams (6 hours, 300+ questions)

- Airman Knowledge Test (2 hours, 60 questions)

Phantom and Inspire Flight Training (8 Hours)

- includes hands-on flight sessions

IV. Building A Business (16 Hours)

- Starting a Business Under Part 107

Featuring - Developing a Drone Business Strategy

- How to Find Customer and Marketing your Drone Business

- Business Operations

- Legal Considerations and Liabilities

- Drone Insurance.

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