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Out of Dry Places

This erudite, eloquent, and immensely thought-provoking work gets to the heart of the deepest passions and aspirations of the human heart and rediscovers the Kingdom of God. This is indispensable reading for anyone who wants to live life above the norm. This is a profound authoritative work which spans the wisdom of the ages and yet breaks new ground in its approach and will possibly become a classic in this and the next generation. This exceptional work by Burnell Williams is one of the most profound, practical, principle-centered approaches to this subject of the Kingdom I have read in a long time. The author’s approach to this timely issue brings a fresh breath of air that captivates the heart, engages the mind and inspires the spirit of the reader. The author’s ability to leap over complicated theological and metaphysical jargon and reduce complex theories to simple practical principles that the least among us can understand is amazing. This work will challenge the intellectual while embracing the laymen as it dismantles the mysteries of the soul of mankind and delivers the profound in simplicity. Burnell’s approach awakens in the reader the untapped inhibiters that retard our personal development in Kingdom living and his antidotes empower us to rise above these self-defeating, self-limiting factors to a life of exploits in spiritual and mental advancement in Kingdom application. The author also integrates into each chapter the time-tested precepts giving each principle a practical application to life making the entire process people- friendly. Every sentence of this book is pregnant with wisdom and I enjoyed the mind- expanding experience of this exciting book. I admonish you to plunge into this ocean of knowledge and watch your life change for the better. Dr. Myles Munroe BFM International ITWLA Nassau Bahamas

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