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Career Innovations of America

An Initiative of Center For Global Diplomacy

Building Youth from their Foundation to their Future!

CIOA Mission

Career Innovations of America (CIOA) is an educational, employment, and business model that focuses on changing the narrative on poverty and mobility by creating access to quality education, training, and jobs, by promoting a Zip Code is not an individual’s destiny, and by providing support that empowers individuals to upward mobility (movement or the ability to move to a higher social class).

Career Innovations of America (CIOA) is a Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) Provider producing Industry Training Credentials for acquiring jobs placement and employment followup Outcomes of this initiative are 90% completion marketable job skills for entry level employment, job search assistance or guidance, job placement and post-employment coaching.

Career Innovations of America supports Title I of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) of 2014. CIOA presents an extraordinary opportunity to improve job and career options for our nation’s workers and job seekers through an integrated, job-driven public workforce system that links diverse talent to businesses

Creating Opportunities for Employment

Career Innovations of America an initiative of Center for Global Diplomacy builds individuals from their foundation to their future!

Training the Next Generation of

Business Leaders

CIOA trains the next generation of business leaders.

Building Careers and Developing Young Adults

We provide our students with an education that prepares them for both post-secondary education as well as gainful employment in a career of their choosing.

CIOA Business Associates

Business associates in Virginia Beach VA and Baton Rouge LA plan, aim high, set their goals and prepare for a hopeful tomorrow! Our Career Developers and Coaches pair our business associates with our market place partners based on the associate's career assessment. Whether the associates aspire to complete college, gain employment or start a business, CIOA and its market place partners are here to provide academic assistance, training and long term mentoring!

Marketplace Partner

Career Innovations of America

CIOA is seeking additional Marketplace Partnerships to assist our students in developing marketable skills through shadowing opportunities, corporate mentoring and/or employment placement. Contact Dr. B. Theron Williams @ 757-287-6218 or or Thomasene Gilliam at 757-499-2300.

CIOA XSTREAM Community Impact

CIOA XSTREAM supports the youth in our community by providing integrated out-of-school STEM events and activities. Our youth get the opportunity to explore STEM for future career options or just to have fun in a safe environment.

CIOA is seeking Marketplace Partnerships to help us provide a valuable structured program during the summer months and week-ends during the school year. If you have STEM related resources please contact Sarah Cullen at 757-499-2300 to donate today!

       CIOA Youth Advocacy and Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement

CIOA youth are guided to responsible policy and civic engagement that enables youth to address the root causes of social problems and to create lasting systemic change.

Civic Skills

Youth participate in community events, case studies, and work shops to identify the rights, roles, and responsibilities of citizenship, including mechanisms for participating in the political process and influencing public opinion.

Civic Knowledge

Youth engage in local opportunities to communicate persuasively, both orally and through written work, to mobilize others .

Career Innovations of America admits individuals of any race, color, national or ethnic origin. Our XSTREAM (eXcercise, Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, Math) youth community impact program provides age appropriate STEM and Reading based activities and events.

We support our community and local school systems mission to prepare our youth for a rewarding future. Currently enrolled college students may call us today at 757-499-2300 for volunteer opportunities that provides experience for tomorrows workforce!

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